Thursday, October 1, 2009

MY LIFE STORY-the abridged version.


i dont have any idea where to start. and im not sure if i could ever really finish. but this is what i can tell u. my name is brittni morgan carter. i was named after actress, suzanne cupito. puzzling u might ask? well she changed her name to morgan brittany. i'm sure i need not explain where brittni morgan came from. CARTER is my father's last name. i hope that wasn't hard to figure out.

i was born april 11, 1987. i believe that happened to fall on a monday. nothing special about that tho, just thought that i should mention.

i am my mother's oldest child and my father's second oldest. i have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. i only share the same mother & father with one of them, but i love them all the same so no need to explain. my father is half asian (tho u would NEVER guess). i guess that makes me a blasian baby. please don't ask me what I'm mixed with or assume I speak spanish. I don't.

my life was very normal, yet very different. at the age of 10 i applied for my first passport and i packed everything i thought was important & moved to south africa with my cousin @marissa_loren (twitter). i was w/out my mother & father on a completely different continent learning to speak french. it made me homesick but am thankful for that.

As a child I pretty much traveled the world ALONE, meeting friends & family in London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc....I must say it was a very scary thing to travel all by myself. seriously. i will never forget that heart-dropping feeling of sitting on a 12 hr+ flight before i could legally drive to take off to another country & hope someone was there waiting for me. that is why i am so independent. i survived the red-light district at age 15 all alone. to this day, i never can actually remember how i ended up all BY MYSELF. but it made me a better person.

upon returning to the states...i easily blended back in with my american counterparts tho i didnt speak much for awhile. i was very shy. i didn't understand why americans were less educated than foreigners. but my life quickly became identical to any other smart, obedient student in a matter of time. i was an extremely good child. i didn't test my mother.i never drank or smoke or lied or did any of the inappropriate things some of my friends thought was worth the trouble. i was literally an angel. but i was still popular.

i did however have my first drink freshman year of college at the University of Miami. It was during hurricane katrina=school lockdown party. way too much fun! no need to explain but I been in love with vodka ever since! that explains my Vodka Flocka moniker.....Fab appropriately named me that and it kinda stuck.

So many outlandish and ridiculous, sometimes exciting, sometimes depressing things have happened since then. Maybe I should write a book.

Yeah this is becoming random. So i'll cut this short. The only thing i could hope for in life is somebody with a better story than mine to tell. I can't wait to listen.

xoxo. B.